1979 May 15 - 1981 Sep 30
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

USA (Economic situation in the United States) (Part 1)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2012 Dec 28
Classification: Secret
Page count: 275
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82 Mar 28 Sun USA: UKE Washington telegram 1013 to FCO (0110Z) (“President Reagan, Congress and the economy”) [“at loggerheads and… at a standstill”] [declassified 2012]
82 Mar 31 Wed USA: UKE Washington telegram 1054 to FCO (0305Z) (“President Reagan’s press conference”) [defense of economic policy] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 3 Thu USA: Chancellor of the Exchequer minute to MT (“President Reagan and the US budget debate”) ["I am sorry to go on about this"; urges MT to intercede with Reagan, to get interest rates down] [declassified 2012]
82 Jul 21 Wed USA: Chancellor of the Exchequer PS letter to No.10 (“Volcker’s statement: 20 July”) [US economic policy] [declassified 2012]
82 Jul 29 Thu USA: UKE Washington telegram 2591 to FCO (0430Z) (“President Reagan’s press conference”) [economy, Middle East, Poland] [declassified 2012]
82 Aug 2 Mon USA: UKE Washington telegram 2639 to FCO (2302Z) (“Administration’s mid-year budget review”) [slow recovery] [declassified 2012]
82 Aug 2 Mon USA: UKE Washington telegram 2638 to FCO (2301Z) (“US tax increases”) [declassified 2012]
82 Aug 20 Fri USA: UKE Washington telegram 2796 to FCO (2315Z) (“President Reagan: tax increase”) [“no longer any early prospect of the economy picking up significantly”] [declassified 2012]
82 Sep 6 Mon USA: Jeffrey Sterling PS letter to No.10 (“USA economy”) [‘Business Week’ article on deficit] [declassified 2012]
82 Sep 21 Tue USA: Walters minute to MT (“United States monetary policy”) [has not become more expansive] [declassified 2012]
82 Sep 23 Thu USA: FCO telegram to UKE Beijing (“US economy: recent developments”) [signs of recovery] [declassified 2012]