1982 Mar 4 - 1982 Jun 2
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (G7 Summit - Versailles) (Part 7)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2012 Dec 28
Classification: Secret
Page count: 214
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82 May 27 Thu G7: PS Pym letter to No.10 (MT, Howe “Reply to President Reagan’s message on Versailles and Bonn summits”) [MT anxious to get wording right - “Our aim must be to reaffirm the unity of the Alliance”] [declassified 2012]
82 May 28 Fri US: MT message to Reagan (agenda for G7 and NATO summits) [economic situation, trade, East-West relations, Iran-Iraq war, Arab-Israeli conflict, arms control] [released 2013]
82 May 28 Fri G7: FCO telegram 1083 to UKE Washington (1730Z) (“Future of the Falklands”) [“we are consulting no-one else [but Reagan] in this way”] [declassified 2012]
82 May 28 Fri G7: UKE Paris 551 to FCO (0915Z) (“Buckley meeting on credits for USSR: Paris May 27”) [“No agreed solution but options will be set out for political decision at Versailles”] [declassified 2012]
82 May 29 Sat G7: UKE Rome to FCO (1100Z) (“Versailles economic summit/Anglo-Italian bilateral”) [“They expressed their solidarity with us and asked for our understanding”] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 1 Tue G7: No.10 letter to FCO (“Falklands: other territorial disputes”) [“serious implications… for other territorial disputes”] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 1 Tue G7: UKE Washington telegram 1976 to FCO (2155Z) (“Versailles summit: latest US positions”) [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 1 Tue G7: UKE Washington telegram 1977 to FCO (2135Z) (“Falklands: what USA support has meant”) [“important to bear in mind that US assistance should not be taken for granted”] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 1 Tue G7: Alan Walters to Cabinet Secretary (“Versailles summit meetings”) [unhappy at being omitted from invitation lists] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 1 Tue G7: Alan Walters minute to MT (Versailles summit meetings) [US tax rates] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 2 Wed G7: FCO telegram 1104 to UKE Washington (1735Z) (“Secretary of State’s meeting with the US ambassador on 2 June: East/West credits and John Brown”) [“reasonable prospects for a settlement of the issue at Versailles”] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 2 Wed G7: Cabinet Office letter to FCO (“Falklands: briefing for Versailles summit”) [request for briefing] [declassified 2012]
82 Jun 2 Wed G7: Alan Walters briefing to No.10 (“briefing note for the Prime Minister on the United States deficit and interest rates”) [“omission of the issue of taxes… seems to me to be an absolute sticking point [for the Chancellor]”]