1982 Apr 27 - 1982 Apr 29
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Argentina (Falklands) (Part 11)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2012 Dec 28
Classification: Secret
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82 Apr 29 Th Major Falklands: UKHC New Delhi telegram 431 to FCO (0700Z) ("Falkland Islands") [record of conversation with Mrs Gandhi - 'unsatisfactory', but she understood British points; will try to maintain some sort of balance between the two sides] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 29 Th Minor Falklands: UKMIS Geneva telegram 198 to FCO (1610Z) ("Falkland Islands and ICRC") [ICRC seeks information on personnel at South Georgia; plans to visit Falklands] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 27 Tu Minor Falklands: UKMIS New York fax to FCO (draft reply to Non-Aligned Movement) [historical justification of British claim] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 27 Tu Major Falklands: UKMIS New York telegram 575 to FCO (1726Z) ("Exchanges in the House of Commons about the Secretary-General's appeal") [defusing the story] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 29 Th Major Falklands: UKMIS New York telegram 601 to FCO (1946Z) ("Further notification to Argentina") [draft response to Argentine claim Britain could not enforce TEZ under Article 51] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 30 Fr Major Falklands: UKMIS New York telegram 606 to FCO (0046Z) ("Falkland Islands at the UN") [Security Council has "atmosphere of great tension and expectation eg of a dramatic military move by us any day now"; danger of diplomatic vacuum when Haig talks end] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 28 We Major Falklands: Wolfson minute for MT (upcoming speech in Commons) [points stressing oBritish readiness to negotiate] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 26 Mo Key TV Interview for BBC1 Panorama (2010Z) (Falklands)