1980 Jul 1 - 1981 Jul 20
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

South Africa (Situation in Namibia) (Part 2)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2011 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
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81 Jan 16 Fri Namibia: UKE Washington telegram 153 to FCO (0020Z) ("U.S. Policy on Namibia") [declassified 2011]
81 Jan 27 Tue Namibia: UKE Washington telegram 260 to FCO (0052Z) ("My Call on Haig: Namibia") [report of Henderson's meeting with Haig] [declassified 2011]
81 Feb 5 Thu Namibia: President Masire of Botswana letter to MT (future of Namibia) [need to resist calls for sanctions; appeals to MT to impress upon Reagan need for positive US influence] [declassified 2011]
81 Feb 19 Thu Namibia: MT letter to President Masire of Botswana (future of Namibia) [MT agrees with Masire's views] [declassified 2011]
81 Mar 4 Wed Namibia: President Masire of Botswana letter to MT (future of Namibia) [thanks for support] [declassified 2011]
81 Apr 24 Fri Namibia: UKE Bonn to FCO ("Secretary of State's Visit to FRG: Namibia") [Carrington meets with Genscher] [declassified 2011]
81 Apr 30 Thu Namibia: Carrington minute to MT ("United Nations Security Council Debate on Namibia") [responding to calls for sanctions against South Africa] [declassified 2011]
81 May 29 Fri Namibia: FCO to UKE Pretoria ("Namibia - Visit by President of SWAPO") [Sam Nujoma calls on Carrington] [declassified 2011]
81 Jun 22 Mon Namibia: FCO telegram 927 to UKE Washington (1047Z) ("Namibia - US Policy") [increasing anxiety at US position] [declassified 2011]
80 Jul 10 Thu Namibia: UKMIS New York telegram 1001 to FCO (2242Z) ("Namibia") [negotiating independence for Namibia with South Africa: "In the time I have been here, I have probably formed as low a view of some of the Contract Group's antics as anyone in London"] [declassified 2011]
81 Jan 12 Mon Namibia: UKMIS Geneva telegram 15 to FCO (0930Z) ("Namibia: The PIM") [independence negotiations: "The meeting took a distinct turn for the worse over the weekend"] [declassified 2011]
81 Jan 13 Tue Namibia: UKMIS Geneva telegram 17 to FCO (1100Z) ("Namibia") [independence negotiation meeting has "fizzled out"] [declassified 2011]