1981 Feb 17 - 1981 Apr 6
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Nationalised industries (Prospects for the steel industry; British Steel Corporation (BSC) corporate plan; overlap between BSC and private sector; rationalisation of the UK engineering steel making facilities) (Part 9)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2011 Dec 30
Classification: Confidential
Page count: 245
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81 Mar 26 Th Major Steel: Joseph minute to MT ("Phoenix II - Hadfields") [MT: Closure of Hadfields "will lead to great political trouble because the Hadfields men did not strike when BSC did and it is the Hadfields men who will be made redundant"] [declassified 2011]
81 Mar 27 Fr Major Steel: Department of Industry letter to No.10 ("Financial Times Article About BSC and Consett Engineering Ltd (GEL)") [allegation that BSC is hampering CEL's efforts to create new jobs in Consett] [declassified 2011]
81 Mar 30 Mo Major Steel: Hadfields' Joint Shop Stewards Committees letter to MT (Phoenix II and possible closure of Hadfields) ["We...are urgently requesting a meeting with you to set the record straight, and to prove our case for believing we should be allowed to survive"] [declassified 2011]