1980 Jun 4 - 1980 Sep 19
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

European Policy (European Community budget) (Part 9)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2010 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 196
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80 Aug 6 We Major EC: HMT letter to No.10 ("European Community: Preliminary Draft Budget for 1981") [briefing note on Commission's staff requests] [declassified 2010]
80 Aug 15 Fr Major EC: Armstrong minute to MT ("Community Budget") [briefing notes on legal implications of 1&#37 VAT ceiling and Community draft Budget 1981] [declassified 2010]
80 Sep 12 Fr Major EC: Chancellor of the Exchequer minute to MT ("EC Budget Refunds Under Article 235 Supplementary Measures Scheme: Approvals Procedure") [MT: "...the procedure is ridiculous. Its whole purpose is to demean Britain"] [declassified 2010]
80 Sep 12 Fr Major EC: Gilmour minute to MT ("Approvals Procedure for EC Budget Refunds Under Article 235 Regulation") [comment on Chancellor's minute to MT] [declassified 2010]
80 Jun 27 Fr Major EC: FCO letter to No.10 ("Prime Minister's Meeting with Chancellor Schmidt: 1% ceiling") [MT comment on VAT ceiling: "This is serious...We must resolve the position quickly"] [declassified 2010]
80 Jul 9 We Trivial EC: Armstrong briefing for MT ("Cabinet: Community Affairs") ["This is perhaps the shortest brief I shall ever submit to you"] [declassified 2010]