1980 Sep 19 - 1980 Dec 31
Prime Ministerial Private Office files

Economic policy (Strategy) (Part 7)

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Source: TNA, PREM19 series
Release date: 2010 Dec 30
Classification: Secret
Page count: 377
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80 Nov 23 Sun Monetary policy: Treasury minute ("Briefing for 24 November announcements") [released 2011]
80 Nov 23 Sun Economy: Treasury briefing document ("Briefing for 24 November Announcements") [first page] [declassified 2010]
80 Nov 24 Mon Economy: Treasury press release ("Economic Prospects to End- 1981") [declassified 2010]
80 Nov 26 Wed Economy: Conservative Research Department briefing document ("Economic Affairs - The Chancellor's Statement") [declassified 2010]
80 Dec 15 Mon Economy: Prior letter to Chancellor of the Exchequer ("Effects of Increased National Insurance Contributions on Pay Bargaining") [declassified 2010]
80 Dec 17 Wed Economy: Treasury briefing document ("Treasury Select Committee's Report on the Government's Economic Policy: Press Briefing") [declassified 2010]
80 Dec 18 Thu Economy: Treasury and Civil Service Committee Report ("Government's Economic Policy: Autumn Review") [declassified 2010]
80 Dec 18 Thu Economy: World At One transcript (Chancellor of the Exchequer and Edward Du Cann) [discussion of Treasury Select Committee report] [declassified 2010]
80 Dec 19 Fri Economy: Hoskyns note for MT ("Government Strategy") ["In the Policy Unit, we are amateurs in the political field"] [declassified 2011]
80 Dec 19 Fri Economy: Prior minute to MT ("Pay Brief") [declassified 2010]
80 Dec 22 Mon Economy: Hoskyns minute to MT ("Government Strategy") [Policy Unit paper] [declassified 2010]
80 Dec 30 Tue Monetary Policy: Whitmore minute for Walters (meetings) [declassified 2011]
80 Dec 31 Wed Economy: Chancellor of the Exchequer minute to PM (prospects) [declassified 2011]
80 Dec 31 Wed Economy: Chancellor of the Exchequer minute to MT ("Government Strategy") [response to Hoskyns' paper] [declassified 2010]