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Info only 75 Apr 9 We Chronology Key [Chronology] MT met Ronald Reagan for the first time (or possibly the second)
Info only 78 Nov 27 Mo Chronology Major [Chronology] MT met Ronald Reagan for the second time (or possibly the third)
Info only 80 Nov 4 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Reagan elected US President
Info only 81 Feb 25 We Chronology Major [Chronology] MT visited Reagan in Washington (returned 1 Mar)
Info only 81 Mar 30 Mo Chronology Major [Chronology] Reagan shot
Info only 82 Jun 7 Mo Chronology Major [Chronology] Reagan visited Britain (until 9 Jun)
Info only 82 Jun 10 Th Chronology Major [Chronology] NATO Summit in Bonn
Info only 82 Jun 22 Tu Chronology Major [Chronology] MT visited US (UN and Reagan)
Info only 83 Mar 23 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Reagan announced Star Wars programme (SDI)
Info only 84 Nov 6 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Reagan reelected US President
Info only 84 Dec 22 Sa Chronology Major [Chronology] MT met Reagan at Camp David
Info only 85 Oct 7 Mo Chronology Major [Chronology] Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro hijacked by Palestinian terrorists (arrested on Sicily 11 Oct)
Info only 85 Nov 19 Tu Chronology Major [Chronology] Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Geneva (ended 21 Nov)
Info only 86 Oct 11 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Reykjavik (Reagan-Gorbachev) Summit (ended 12 Oct)
Info only 86 Nov 12 We Chronology Major [Chronology] Reagan admitted US had sold arms to Iran
Info only 88 Jun 2 Th Chronology Major [Chronology] Anglo-US summit in London; Reagan spoke at Guildhall (3 Jun)
Info only 88 Nov 15 Tu Chronology Major [Chronology] MT visited Washington: farewell to Reagan (returned 17 Nov)
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Documents lie at the core of this website, each one dated and sorted chronologically (by default) in search results. Most are images in PDF format of original paper documents scanned or filmed for the site. There also transcripts of speeches and interviews, press articles, photos, videos, and more. The document database contains tens of thousands of items and permits complex searching.

Files are multi-page PDFs from which most of the documents on the site are selected. All of Mrs Thatcher’s official files from No.10 are available in full on this site (paper copies are stored at the National Archives in the series PREM19), as well as most of those of Geoffrey Howe and Nigel Lawson as Chancellor (stored at TNA as series T639 and T640).

Guides are articles about key events and topics. Many were written to accompany annual releases of Mrs Thatcher’s private and party papers at the Churchill Archive Centre in Cambridge.


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