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Info only 84 Dec 16 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Gorbachev visited Chequers
Info only 84 Dec 19 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Hong Kong: MT signed Joint Agreement with China
Info only 85 Mar 3 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] NUM voted to end coal strike
Info only 85 Mar 19 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 85 Sep 2 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Reshuffle: Hurd replace Brittan at Home Office; Tebbit new Party Chairman; Jenkin replaced as Environment Secretary by Baker
Info only 85 Nov 15 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Anglo-Irish Agreement signed at Hillsborough
Info only 85 Dec 2 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Luxembourg European Council; Single European Act agreed (ended 3 Dec)
Info only 86 Jan 6 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Westland: leak of Solicitor-General’s letter to Heseltine
Info only 86 Jan 9 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Westland: Heseltine resigned; Younger replaced him at Defence; Rifkind joined the Cabinet as Scottish Secretary
Info only 86 Jan 24 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Westland: Brittan resigned; Channon replaced him at DTI
Info only 86 Jan 27 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Westland: emergency debate, ending the crisis
Info only 86 Apr 15 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] US air raids on Libya, mainly flown from British bases
Info only 86 May 18 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 86 Oct 11 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Reykjavik (Reagan-Gorbachev) Summit (ended 12 Oct)
Info only 86 Nov 15 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Anglo-US Summit at Camp David: arms control statement agreed
Info only 87 Feb 22 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] "Louvre Accord" to halt decline in the dollar; Lawson began shadowing Deutschmark
Info only 87 Mar 17 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 87 Mar 28 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] MT visited USSR (ended 1 Apr)
Info only 87 May 11 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election called for 11 June
Info only 87 Jun 11 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election
Info only 87 Jun 13 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Reshuffle: five ministers left cabinet
Info only 87 Oct 19 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] "Black Monday": Dow Jones fell 23 per cent
Info only 87 Oct 23 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates reduced 0.5 per cent, from 10 to 9.5 per cent, following Black Monday
Info only 87 Nov 17 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Community Charge: "dual running" with rates abandoned
Info only 88 Feb 8 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Gorbachev announced Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan from May
Info only 88 Mar 7 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Sterling `uncapped’ on MT’s insistence; rose above 3DM
Info only 88 Mar 15 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 88 May 17 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates reduced 0.5 per cent, from 8 to 7.5 per cent (lowest 1979-90); MT formula of support for Lawson at PQs
Info only 88 Jul 6 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Jacques Delors told European Parliament that in ten years 80 per cent of economic and social legislation would be made there rather than at national level
Info only 88 Sep 8 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Jacques Delors addressed TUC Conference & invited them to join "the architects of Europe"
Info only 88 Sep 20 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] MT addressed the College of Europe (the "Bruges Speech")
Info only 89 Jan 11 We Chronology Key [Chronology] NHS White Paper published ( Working for Patients )
Info only 89 Mar 14 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 89 Jun 3 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] China: Tiananmen Square massacre
Info only 89 Jun 20 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] MT met Howe and Lawson to discuss ERM line at Madrid Council (met again 25 Jun)
Info only 89 Jun 26 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Madrid European Council (ended 27 Jun): MT set "Madrid conditions" for ERM entry; rejected Social Charter
Info only 89 Jul 24 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Reshuffle: Major replaced Howe at Foreign Office; Howe new Deputy PM; Ridley went to DTI, Patten replacing him at Environment
Info only 89 Oct 26 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Lawson resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer; Major succeeded him; Hurd became Foreign Secretary; Waddington succeeded Hurd as Home Secretary; Renton became Chief Whip
Info only 89 Nov 9 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] East Germany announced opening of its border with West Germany; demolition of Berlin Wall began 10 Nov
Info only 89 Dec 5 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] MT won Conservative leadership election; 314:33 (27 abstained)
Info only 89 Dec 10 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Czechoslovakia: end of Communist rule (Havel President 29 Dec)
Info only 89 Dec 22 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Romania: Ceausescu overthrown (killed 25 Dec)
Info only 90 Feb 10 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Kohl in Moscow: Gorbachev agreed German reunification
Info only 90 Mar 11 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Lithuania declared independence of USSR
Info only 90 Mar 20 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 90 Mar 31 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Trafalgar Square riot
Info only 90 Apr 1 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Strangeways prison siege (ended 25 Apr); disturbances in other gaols
Info only 90 Jul 14 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Ridley resigned over comments on Germany; Lilley joined Cabinet to succeed him at DTI
Info only 90 Aug 2 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Iraq invaded Kuwait; MT with Bush in Aspen
Info only 90 Aug 2 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] UN Security Council Resolution 660 condemns Iraq's invasion of Kuwait

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