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Info only 79 Aug 27 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] IRA murdered Mountbatten and 18 soldiers (Warrenpoint)
Info only 79 Oct 23 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Exchange controls abolished
Info only 79 Nov 15 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates increased 3 per cent, from 14 to 17 per cent (all time high); gilt strike
Info only 79 Nov 29 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Dublin European Council (ended 30 Nov); budget row
Info only 79 Dec 24 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] USSR invaded Afghanistan
Info only 80 Jan 2 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Steel strike began (ended 3 April)
Info only 80 Mar 25 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 80 Jun 2 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Cabinet agreed European budget proposal
Info only 80 Jul 3 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates reduced 1 per cent, from 17 to 16 per cent
Info only 80 Sep 10 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: Ridley secret meeting with Argentinians to explore leaseback (ended 11 Sep)
Info only 80 Sep 22 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Iran-Iraq war began
Info only 80 Nov 4 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Reagan elected US President
Info only 80 Nov 22 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: Ridley's second visit, urging leaseback - mixed reception (ended 29 Nov)
Info only 80 Nov 25 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates reduced 2 per cent, from 16 to 14 per cent
Info only 80 Dec 2 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: HC statement by Nick Ridley on leaseback - mauled by MPs
Info only 81 Jan 5 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Reshuffle: Stevas, Maude left cabinet; Biffen to Trade, Nott to Defence, Pym to lead House of Commons; Brittan joined as Chief Secretary, Fowler at Transport
Info only 81 Feb 10 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] NCB announced pit closures (abandoned 18 Feb)
Info only 81 Mar 1 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Northern Ireland: second Republican hunger strike began (ended 3 Oct with ten deaths)
Info only 81 Mar 10 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 81 Mar 11 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Interest rates reduced 2 per cent, from 14 to 12 per cent
Info only 81 Mar 26 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] SDP formed (Alliance formed 16 June)
Info only 81 Sep 14 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Reshuffle: Soames, Gilmour, Carlisle dropped; Prior moved to Northern Ireland; Tebbit joined Cabinet to replace him at Employment; Lawson joined Cabinet (Energy); Parkinson became Party Chairman
Info only 81 Nov 26 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Crosby by-election: Shirley Williams won Conservative seat for SDP
Info only 82 Mar 9 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 82 Mar 19 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: illegal Argentine landing on South Georgia detected by BAS; London informed 20 Mar
Info only 82 Mar 31 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: Argentine invasion learned to be imminent - likely to be Friday; MT evening meeting at her room in House of Commons
Info only 82 Apr 2 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: Argentina invaded the islands
Info only 82 Apr 3 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: Parliament met to debate the crisis; UN SCR 502 demanding Argentine withdrawal
Info only 82 Apr 5 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: FCO Ministers resigned, Pym new Foreign Secretary; Task Force sailed
Info only 82 Apr 25 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: South Georgia recaptured
Info only 82 Apr 30 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: US `tilt’ in favour of Britain; Total Exclusion Zone put in force
Info only 82 May 2 Su Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: General Belgrano torpedoed by HMS Conqueror (1857Z); cruiser sank with 321 dead
Info only 82 May 4 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: HMS Sheffield hit by Argentine missile
Info only 82 May 21 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: British Forces landed at San Carlos Bay
Info only 82 Jun 14 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Falklands: Argentine surrender
Info only 83 Jan 6 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] Reshuffle: Heseltine replaced Nott at Defence
Info only 83 Mar 15 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 83 Mar 23 We Chronology Key [Chronology] Reagan announced Star Wars programme (SDI)
Info only 83 May 9 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] General Election announced for 9 Jun
Info only 83 Jun 9 Th Chronology Key [Chronology] 1983 General Election: Conservative majority 144
Info only 83 Jun 11 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] New Government formed
Info only 83 Oct 14 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Cecil Parkinson resigned over Keays affair
Info only 83 Oct 22 Sa Chronology Key [Chronology] Grenada: Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States requested US intervene (following coup 19 Oct)
Info only 83 Oct 25 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] US invasion of Grenada
Info only 84 Mar 12 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Coal strike began
Info only 84 Mar 13 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Budget
Info only 84 Jun 25 Mo Chronology Key [Chronology] Fontainebleau European Council (ended 26 Jun); budget settlement
Info only 84 Oct 12 Fr Chronology Key [Chronology] Brighton bomb
Info only 84 Nov 6 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Reagan reelected US President
Info only 84 Nov 20 Tu Chronology Key [Chronology] Flotation of British Telecom

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