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1971 Feb 10 We
Margaret Thatcher

Speech to Woodside Park Jewish Friendship Club

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Venue: North Finchley
Source: Finchley Press, 19 February 1970
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Pension problems—by Mrs. Thatcher

A discussion on pensions and the plight of old people followed a talk by Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, Secretary for Education and MP for Finchley, at the Woodside Park Jewish Friendship Club, North Finchley, last week.

Mrs. Thatcher spoke about her work as a Cabinet Minister and as an MP, and also gave a history of the state pension scheme.

Mr. Lewis Shilling, 79, of Haslemere Gardens, Church End, Finchley, criticised some politicians who offered only “platitudes” to pensioners living in very bad circumstances.

“A few miserable shillings are given to men and women who have contributed all their lives to society,” he said.

Many live in dirty and dilapidated conditions—they are entitled to have by right an adequate pension so that they can live like human beings.”

Mr. Shilling added that delays in giving pensioners extra money meant that by the time they got it the ever-rising cost of living would make it worthless.


Mrs. Thatcher said that an increase of 5p on the pension would cost the country £30 million and a 50p increase would cost £300 million.

To tax others to pay for the increase would lead to further jumps in prices.

“I recognise your wish—please recognise my problems,” she told Mr. Shilling.