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1970 Jul 16 Th
Margaret Thatcher

Written Statement on increase of postgraduate student grants

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Postgraduate Student Grants Increased

In answer to a written Parliamentary Question today (16 July) the Secretary of State for Education and Science, Mrs Margaret Thatcher, said:—

“My right hon. Friend the Gordon CampbellSecretary of State for Scotland and I have decided that, following the increase in undergraduate rates of grant announced in May, the rates of grant for postgraduate studentships awarded by the Education Departments and Research Councils will be increased as follows:-

students living in college, hall or lodgings, from £530 to £550 per annum, students living at home, from £410 to £425 per annum.

The increased rates of grant will apply to new studentships from 1 September and to continuing studentships from 1 October, 1970, or the date on which the student's new academic year begins.”

Notes to Editors

1. The level of grant for postgraduate students is related to the amount of the grant for undergraduates. As undergraduate grants have been increased with effect from the next academic year, there has been a consequent adjustment in postgraduate rates.

2. The increase will affect about 17,000 students and will cost about £350,000. The total cost of student support in Great Britain is in excess of £140 million of which about £10 million is accounted for by postgraduate awards.