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1978 Aug 30 We
Archive (Thatcher MSS)

Shadow Cabinet: Circulated Paper (Conservative Party Manifesto for 1978 General Election - 2nd draft) [1,436K]

Document type:thatcher record
Document kind:Archive
Venue:House of Commons
Source:Thatcher MSS (2/6/1/163)
Editorial comments:This is the only surviving copy of the Conservatives draft 1978 manifesto in either the Thatcher MSS or the Conservative Party Archive.
Importance ranking:Key
Word count:60pp
Themes:Conservatism, Conservative Party (organisation), Economy (general discussions), Education, Industry, General Elections, Privatised and state industries, Environment, Pay, Public spending and borrowing, Taxation, European Union (general), Foreign policy (general discussions), Foreign policy (USA), Foreign policy (USSR and successor states), Labour Party and Socialism, Law and order, Local government finance, Liberal and Social Demoratic Parties, Media, Race, immigration, and nationality, Transport, Trade unions, Trade union law reform

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