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Date Type Value Author/Source Title
80 Oct 24 Fr PDF Major Archive (Lawson MSS) Economic policy: Speech to the Federation of Master Builders ["firm and unswerving anti-inflationary policy of Her Majesty's Government"]
78 Sep 14 Th Full Text Key Lawson (Nigel) Economy: "The economic perils of thinking for the moment" (case for a long-term stabilization plan) ["Rules rule: OK?"]
81 Mar 10 Tu Full Text Key Hansard Economy: 1981 Budget (Howe 3)
81 Dec 8 Tu Full Text Major Hansard Economy: House of Commons debate on Autumn Statement (Howe, Shore, Heath, Williams & others)
78 Nov 29 We Full Text Major Hansard EMS: House of Commons adjournment debate (Healey, Howe, Powell & others)
83 Oct 10 Mo PDF Major Archive (Thatcher MSS) European elections: European Democratic Group press release (MT letter to British Conservative MEPs) [elections are “an expression of our common European democracy, as well as Britain’s undisputed and continuing role within the Community”]
82 May 20 Th PDF Key U.K. Government Falklands: British ultimatum to Argentina (“The Falkland Islands: Negotiations for a peaceful settlement”)
80 Dec 2 Tu Full Text Major Hansard Falklands: House of Commons Statement on Nicholas Ridley visit (Ridley, Shore, Amery, Cranborne & others) [minister mauled over leaseback proposals]
82 Apr 25 Su PDF Major Archive (TNA) Falklands: MOD statements (recapture of South Georgia) ["British forces are now ashore"] [declassified 2012]
82 Apr 30 Fr Full Text Major Reagan (Ronald) Falklands: Presidential Remarks on Falklands (extract from Q&A with Mid-Western editors and broadcasters) ["little ice-cold bunch of land" - "armed aggression of that kind must not be allowed to succeed"]
78 Jul 17 Mo Full Text Major G7 G7: Bonn G7 Communiqué (The Bonn Declaration)
82 Jun 5 Sa PDF Major Archive (TNA) G7: Press conference transcript (“Press Conference of President Francois Mitterrand Versailles Saturday 5 June 1982”) [Versailles economic summit] [declassified 2012]
84 Dec 19 We PDF Major Archive (Thatcher MSS) Hong Kong: MT speaking text (official banquet in Beijing)
84 Dec 19 We PDF Key Archive (Thatcher MSS) Hong Kong: MT speaking text (signature of Joint Declaration)
84 Dec 20 Th PDF Major Archive (Thatcher MSS) Hong Kong: MT speaking text (speech to EXCO & LEGCO in Hong Kong)
84 Jan 31 Tu PDF Major Archive (TNA) Hungary: TV Interview for Hungarian Television (coming visit to Hungary)
76 Sep 23 Th Full Text Minor Thatcher Memoirs India & Pakistan: Lunch with Mrs Gandhi (clearing the plates)
85 Aug 13 Tu PDF Major Archive (TNA) International economic policy: German Finance Minister Statement (international debt crisis)
84 Jun 21 Th PDF Major Archive (Thatcher MSS) Local government: Patrick Jenkin speech in St John’s Wood (GLC) [case for abolition “overwhelming”; “whatever else it does, the GLC does not run London!”] [MT notes released 2014]
85 Jun 8 Sa PDF Major Archive (US State Dept) Middle East: Shultz on the record briefing (Soviet proposal for international conference) [“as far as we are concerned, the objective is direct negotiations”]
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