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1959 Oct 5 Mo
Margaret Thatcher

Interview for Daily Telegraph

Document type:public statement
Document kind:Interview
Source:Daily Telegraph, 5 October 1959
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Importance ranking:Minor
Word count:544
Themes:Autobiography (marriage and children), General Elections
Editor's summary:Under the headline &oqq:Electioneering Wives have Helpful Husbands", the article first surveyed the home lives of

Mrs. Norman Kellett and

Mrs. Sloss , standing for Vauxhall under her maiden name of Elizabeth Havers .

MT had promised Mark and Carol that they would have tea at the House of Commons if she was elected, inviting the daily question: "Aren't you in there yet, Mummy? It's taking a long time."

Mr. Thatcher gives his wife's campaign his full support. "But we never speak on the same platform," MT commented. "It makes us nervous.

"But [ Denis Thatcher ] he is very keen to help, even to the point of giving up his Saturday job as a rugger referee. That is quite something. He wouldn't do it for our wedding anniversary."