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79 Mar 29 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] General Election announced for 3 May
79 May 3 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] General Election: Conservative victory (43 majority)
79 May 4 Fr Full Text Key [Chronology] MT appointed Prime Minister
79 Nov 29 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Dublin European Council (ended 30 Nov); budget row
79 Dec 24 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] USSR invaded Afghanistan
84 Mar 12 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] Coal strike began
84 Jun 25 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] Fontainebleau European Council (ended 26 Jun); budget settlement
85 Dec 2 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] Luxembourg European Council; Single European Act agreed (ended 3 Dec)
86 Jan 6 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] Westland: leak of Solicitor-General’s letter to Heseltine
86 Jan 9 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Westland: Heseltine resigned; Younger replaced him at Defence; Rifkind joined the Cabinet as Scottish Secretary
86 Jan 24 Fr Full Text Key [Chronology] Westland: Brittan resigned; Channon replaced him at DTI
86 Oct 11 Sa Full Text Key [Chronology] Reykjavik (Reagan-Gorbachev) Summit (ended 12 Oct)
88 Jul 6 We Full Text Key [Chronology] Jacques Delors told European Parliament that in ten years 80 per cent of economic and social legislation would be made there rather than at national level
88 Sep 8 Th Full Text Key [Chronology] Jacques Delors addressed TUC Conference & invited them to join "the architects of Europe"
89 Jun 26 Mo Full Text Key [Chronology] Madrid European Council (ended 27 Jun): MT set "Madrid conditions" for ERM entry; rejected Social Charter
45 May 8 Tu Info Only Key [Chronology] VE Day
45 Jul 5 Th Info Only Key [Chronology] General Election: Labour Government formed (146 majority)
45 Aug 6 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] Hiroshima destroyed by A-bomb
45 Aug 16 Th Info Only Key [Chronology] VJ Day
49 Jan 31 Mo Info Only Key [Chronology] Margaret Roberts selected Conservative candidate for Dartford
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