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1978 Mar 1 We
Conservative Party

Conservative Campaign Guide Supplement 1978

Document type:archive
Document kind:Published book
Editorial comments:Published as a supplement to the 1977 Campaign Guide. Assigned to 1 March from date of preface. The original has been retyped and formatted as a PDF to keep it within downloadable size and to enable text searching.
Importance ranking:Major
Word count:123,147 words (232 pages in original)
Themes:Agriculture, Arts and Entertainment, British constitution (general discussions), Executive, Civil liberties, Commonwealth (general), Commonwealth (Rhodesia-Zimbabwe), Commonwealth (South Africa), Conservatism, Conservative Party (organisation), Defence (general), Defence (arms control), Economy (general discussions), Education, Private education, Primary education, Secondary education, Higher and further education, Employment, Industry, Elections and electoral system, By-elections, General Elections, Monetary policy, Privatised and state industries, Energy, Environment, Pay, Public spending and borrowing, Taxation, Trade, European Union (general), Foreign policy (general discussions), Family, Foreign policy (development, aid, etc), Foreign policy (International organisations), Foreign policy (Middle East), Foreign policy (USA), Foreign policy (USSR and successor states), Foreign policy (Western Europe - non - EU), Health policy, Private health care, Housing, Labour Party and Socialism, Law and order, Local government, Local government finance, Liberal and Social Demoratic Parties, Leadership, Northern Ireland, Race, immigration, and nationality, Religion/Morality, Science and technology, Society, Sport, Social security and welfare, Terrorism, Transport, Trade unions, Trade union law reform, Strikes and other union action, Voluntary sector and charity, Women

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